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Patient Information

1.How do I book an appointment?

Appointments can be booked through our website, email, or by phone. Please advise us of relevant health conditions at the time of booking and when filling out your health history form so that our providers can offer an experience tailored to your specific needs.

2.Will you remind me about my appointment?

In addition to your confirmation email, you will receive a reminder email 2 days prior to your appointment and 24 hrs before if you request a text or call reminder.

3.Do you provide direct billing?

Yes, most private insurances allow us to bill them directly, on your behalf for your treatments. Any co-payments and or deductibles will be due on the day of the appointment.

Some Insurances may not allow direct billing. In that case, you will be billed directly and Yorkdale Wellness will provide you with a detailed statement to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

In cases where the payment is assigned to the member, we can collect the payment and submit your claims on your behalf so that you can receive reimbursement.

4.Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Most of the insurance companies do not require a doctor’s referral to access our services as all of them are considered to be primary care health professionals.

However, some insurances may require a doctor’s referral for the services to be covered. Please check with your extended health carrier to find out if you are required to have one to receive benefits.

Meet Our Team

Our team includes highly qualified and skilled healthcare practitioners
like Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Registered massage therapists.

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