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Address 3500 Dufferin St-306 Toronto, ON M3K 1N2

Laverne King


I am an experienced massage therapist specializing in clinical, sports, cupping, and relaxation massage since 2013. Committed to providing excellent care, I joined this clinic in 2014. My passion for wellness drives me to constantly learn and explore. Alongside being an avid reader and yoga enthusiast, I have practiced karate since 2008. I firmly believe in holistic healing and aim to incorporate various modalities into my practice for optimal client care. 
Recognizing each person's uniqueness, I take the time to listen, understand, and create personalized treatment plans. Whether you seek recovery, pain relief, or relaxation, I am here to support you. Promoting healing and well-being is my dedicated goal. Let me assist you on your wellness journey using my skilled hands and unwavering commitment to helping others. Together, we can achieve your best self.

Check out my blog at lkingrmt.com